Friday, 14 March 2014


During my restdays in Arusha, I have visited the Jobortunity Training Institute for which I am collecting money with my ride. It was a beautiful bike ride in the hills just outside town, and getting lost gave me the opportunity to revive my Kiswahili and ask virtually every person I met on the way for directions. As I did make it, my Kiswahili has proven at least good enough for survival.

After a warm welcome with a tour of the institute and singing and dancing, I introduced what I was doing and answered the student's questions ("why don't you travel by car?"). Joining one of the classes gave me a good impression of what the students learn.

Kim, thank you for arranging my visit (and for dinner!) and I wish all the students at Jobortunity a successful year & career!

All of you whomhave donated or pledged contrinutiojs; a big thanks! If you are interested to support Jobortunity, please visit their website or contact me over Facebook or email.